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MRO Middle East 2024

Exhibition:March 2-3, 2022
Dubai, UAE

Abdulla Al-Hudaid

Fleet Procurement Director
Fly Yemen Airlines


I started my career in the aviation field upon achieving my Bachelor's degree in Aeronautical
Within my career spans of over four decades from October 1978 to date, I gained my professional
qualifications as an AMEL (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's License) with Type ratings on B727, B737,
Dash 7, A310, and A330.
I have built extensive experience throughout my professional journey, enabling me to comprehend
the practical part of the aircraft life cycle, maintenance, leasing business, fleet strategic planning,
safety & risk management, and EU / EASA regulations.
I have held executive roles, including Director of Maintenance and Engineering at Yemen Airways,
Chief Operating Officer/Accountable Manager at Jazeera Airways, and several other active
consultancy positions with private aviation companies that consistently contributed to improving
operational efficiency and excellence. I am now with Fly Yemen Airlines as a Consultant and Fleet
Procurement Director.
My achievements encompassed proficient management of operating leases and successful
negotiation of contracts with OEMs, vendors, and MROs, with the oversight of over 33 aircraft
deliveries, redeliveries, and acceptances.