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MRO Middle East 2024

Exhibition:March 2-3, 2022
Dubai, UAE

Capt. Majed A. Sabbagh

VP - Shared Services
Saudia Technic


Capt. Majed Sabbagh's journey in the world of aviation is a tale of dedication, skill, and transformation. Beginning his career with Saudi Aramco in 2005 as an Airplane Pilot, Majed quickly established himself as a proficient and reliable member of the aviation team. His early years were marked by a deepening understanding of flight operations, navigation, and air traffic regulations, setting the stage for a trajectory marked by growth and leadership.
In 2013, embracing the integration of technology in aviation, Majed transitioned to become the Unit Head of Aviation IT at Saudi Aramco. This role was a stepping stone, leading him to greater responsibilities as the Superintendent of the Aviation Planning & Support Division in 2014. That same year, his skills as a pilot were further recognized when he took the helm of the B737-700 as its Captain.
Majed's expertise and leadership were not just confined to the cockpit. He expanded his horizons as the Training Captain and Fleet Manager for the B737-NG, overseeing the fleet's operations and nurturing the next generation of pilots. His analytical acumen shone through as he delved into performance management analysis in 2016, followed by a meticulous role in contracts review, analysis, and compliance in 2017.
The year 2018 marked a significant shift in his career at Saudi Aramco, as Majed embraced the role of Operation and Business Support Specialist, and later as the Fleet Manager for the B737, where he continued to excel until 2021.
Capt. Majed's story took a new turn as he joined Saudia Technic in 2021, assuming the role of Vice President of Transformation. Here, he is not just a leader but a visionary, steering the company towards new heights in aircraft maintenance and support services.