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MRO Middle East 2022

Exhibition:March 2-3, 2022
Dubai, UAE

Planning and Implementing a Modern MRO IT Solution – Considerations and Case Study Examples

  • Wednesday, February 23, 2022:12:15 PM - 12:45 PM



Session hosted by IFS

“Going Live” is a critical milestone in the process of implementing an MRO IT solution. For a new system to be successful, the Go Live event is preceded by a large body of preparation and implementation activities and followed by an ongoing process of continuous improvement. With extensive experience in the delivery of modern solutions to such airlines as Qantas, Air France-KLM, Emirates and most recently Southwest, we discuss the importance of building a business case, and the need to invest appropriately in change management, large-volume data conversion and cleansing, personnel participation and training, and integration with other systems. Using real-world examples, this presentation will also the cover the importance of process redesign and continuous improvement. 

    Scott Camarotti
    Chief Revenue Officer
    IFS Aerospace and Defense